Production Services

Whether shooting still or film ArcticON provides the full range of production services and partners with the best in the industry to ensure a smooth, efficient shoot.

  • Location scouting
  • A local assistance with logistic
  • Storyboarding & pre-production
  • Indoors and outdoors locations data
  • Crew & support team
  • On-location & studio photography
  • Underwater & aerial shooting
  • Production equipment
  • Model & talent casting
  • Storyboarding & pre-production
  • Behind-the-scenes shooting
  • Travel, transportation & accommodation
  • Insurance, permits & licenses

Our partnerships with local studios and equipment houses to ensure your every production requirement is met. We have access to the best indoor locations and an equipment – cameras, lighting, sound, grip, and more. We can service productions shooting on 35mm, 16mm, Alexa, Weisscam, HDCAM, XDCAM, DVCPRO, HDV, DV, Betacam, SX, SP, Digibeta, RED, Canon, or high-speed formats.