Our History

ArcticON Productions company was founded by entrepreneur Inga Lisa Solons, whose extensive business education (over 7 Universities degree) and background on different industry areas.
The company is entirely owned by Inga Lisa, debt free. She sits on the board of many leading companies in Iceland, Europe and America.

More About Us
Inga Lisa Solons  // An Owner, General Manager, Executive Producer and Director

ingalisaInga Lisa is a successful former investment banker and astounds with her professionalism and commitment to the highest standards in planning, arranging and producing.
Inga Lisa is known as a smart and fair negotiator who is always looking for collaboration and win win deals and projects. Inga Lisa has gained extensive experience in management, operations and film production development field. She has obtained education during her PhD studies in Leadership and Master studies in Strategic Management and Business Administration. These were followed by experience in challenging and diverse managerial environment of various organizations as well as film, VIP events planning and commercial campaign, like for Vogue, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Audi and many others.

Inga Lisa having lead thriving projects from concept to completion, small and big budgeted. She was the first in Iceland and Greenland to create and support fashion, filming and photography workshops led by international filmmakers and photographers. Her goal is to open Workshop and Event Center spring 2015 which have been in development for the last two years. Inga Lisa is an inspiring person, her delight is to support others by using her teacher education, business experience and a big experts database in different fields.

Alongside production services, Inga Lisa is developing a few film projects and writing a doc episodes scripts. She is especially interested in social/cause-oriented docudrama and adventure stories of human interest that help to raise social awareness. It is a new kind of creative investment driven by passion for story telling and filming adventures in Iceland, Greenland and world wide. Inga Lisa is a founder of “Care In Action” and contributes at least 20% of a company’s pre-tax profits every year to this new foundation.

Daniel Bjarnason // Executive Producer and Director

Daniel started to follow his passion and dreams studying film history in the University of Iceland. Absorbing every word from teachers and film books he could get his hands on, what once was only a thought of career choice had become irrefutable.
Intrigued and fascinated by the art of filmmaking, he decided to enroll in the Icelandic Film School and study directing. After graduation he has produced and directed 2 short films, a number of commercials and 5 television series such as “Unsolved” (Oupplyst) and “Controversy” (Malid). Currently he is working on a feature script and a few documentaries. For his work has had two nominations for the icelandic EDDAN awards.

Byron McKim // Executive Producer and Director

Byron is an award winning Producer/Director of both film and television. His film career began in 1993 graduating from the Vancouver Film School and immediately staring as a production assistant on the popular television series The X-Files. After working extensively in the film and television industry for 12 years, Byron work his way through the ranks to become a Director in the DGC by 2005. Prior to his film career Byron was an actor turn director in the theatre for 15 years with a number of successful performances and productions in Toronto, Canada.