“Inga Lisa, you rock !!! You are super … an angle !!!”

- Elena Orlandi – Producer, D la Repubblica, the biggest fashion and lifestyle weekly magazine in Milano, Italy

“Inga Lisa, I love your enthusiasm, your hard work and passion.”

- Byron McKim – Executive Producer, Soaring Heart Pictures, Canada

“What a week!!”

- David Noton, award-winning UK landscape and travel photographer with over 24 years experience

“You are the best!! Thanks!”

- Michaela Henning, Grazia Magazine, Hamburg

“Fabulous scenery, fabulous people! If you want to see Iceland at its best and take wonderful photographs, call Inga Lisa – first rate service and really fun people!!”

- Andy Wolcott, international landscape and wildlife photographer and book author, USA

“…It was one of the best groups (25 crew and 4 models over 8 days) of people I’ve been abroad with and it was a great experience not to be forgotten …I enjoyed having horse sausages for breakfast and talking about last nights earthquake …the lovely Inga Lisa would be on hand to make sure we had hot drinks and that everything was going “ok” whilst keeping the world of social media updated …it was a daily rush to get a seat on the comfy fun bus before driving off to the next amazing location and passing through about 15 different weather systems on the way…”

- Ian Mears, fashion and travel photographer, UK photographer

“Phew!!….what an awesome week!!”

- Miss Aniela, Fashion Experience and Events Host, UK fine-art fashion photographer

“Your project looks great! Best of luck for the fashion workshop!”

- Raya, high-end fashion photographer

“Can’t believe it’s over a week since I got back home from Iceland. Still missing it and going through all the photos. If you ever go and you need local guides to get the most of it look no further than Inga Lisa and the rest of the excellent ArcticON Iceland team. I will recommend you to all my friends and hopefully will be back next year.”

- Andrew Watson, Australian photographer

“We met as strangers and left as friends … land of cold weather and warm people.”

- Steve Cullen, UK photographer

“One word – outstanding! From accommodations, meals, lectures and shoots! Everything was amazing. Thanks ArcticON Iceland and see you soon!”

- Doug Davis, fashion workshop leader and producer, Germany