Films In Development

Films in Development – Production company ArcticON // Synopsis

Alongside producing commercials, fashion photo shoots and music videos, supporting workshops, planning VIP events and taking care of film production services, ArcticON Productions Executive Producers/Directors are also developing a few film projects, expeditions and writing episodes scripts, like:

— “Arctic HERO” Photo Expedition // Greenland 2015. A new, thrilling and adrenaline-fueled, action-adventure with simple but compelling premise. “A New Day – A New Undiscovered Location”. Arctic HERO mission is “Wake Up Call” – to demonstrate how Global Warming affects Arctic and inuit´s culture; a big part of expedition profit goes to “Care In Action” Foundation and The Children´s Home in Greenland. Pre-production started summer 2014 – Photo Expedition 2015.

— Six part filmed dance series titled “The Dance of the Norse Land Spirit” with co-production company Soaring Heart Pictures. This is a wonderful Icelandic dance episodes, focusing on Iceland’s heritage and culture with filming beginning in late 2014.

— One more very interesting doc film called “Home Away From Home” dedicated to a children who live in Iceland but were adopted from China a few months old. Main focus is to show their daily live and demonstrate that we can combine different cultures and live in harmony – Nationality doesn´t matter. Filming started July 2014 – Doc Filming duration one year.