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ArcticON Productions provides the most experienced local production crew for any kind of co-production support to international partners in Iceland and Greenland Filmmakers Work Account

August Jakobsson // Director of Photography

August Jakobsson has over 20 years of experience as director of photography. He has gained his education at The American Film institute and Art Centre College of Design. August portfolio is represented by many feature films (such as drama Metalhead or sci-fi thiller Frost) and dozens of commercials for Adidas, Nike, Vodafone, Mercedes-Benz, Tuborg, Icelandair, Canon, MacDonalds and many more.

Saevar Gudmundsson // Director and Editor

Saevar started as a writer/director of four 30 minutes films, that gained massive success and attention in Iceland.
At the age of 25 he started directing and editing TV-commercials. He has directed several documentaries for TV. “True Nordic Crimes” (Sönn íslensk sakamál) and “Icelandic Aviation” (Flugsaga islands). One of his biggest project yet was directing a film for the Icelandic pavilion in the Expo exhibition in Shanghai, China 2010 and 2.3 million people made their way to watch it.
Among fiction direction Saevar has directed Lazy Town and The Fruit Basket for international market. For Icelandic TV stations he directed the first season of the comedy cult show “Venni Power” (Venni Páer). One season of the popular series “The Girls” (Stelpurnar) and recently he directed the award winning series “Court” (Réttur), Iceland’s first lawyers’ drama.
Alongside directing commercials he is also working on two feature scripts.
For his work as an editor and director in Iceland, Saevar has won numerous awards and nominations. Awards include the Icelandic IMARK awards, EDDAN awards and the EFFIE awards.